Buyer Advantages

Subscription Options

EZ Knock offers subscription-based savings for Buyers who regularly utilize the EZ Knock marketplace. Subscription Buyers also have access to additional pricing opportunities within the marketplace.

Who Knocked

EZ Knock seamlessly integrates with WhoKnocked, an industry tool to track all communication content between process servers and recipients.

Build Relationships

Buyers and Sellers have the opportunity to get to know and forge Trusted Seller relationships where future orders can feed directly to that Seller.

Market Intelligence

Are you unsure how much service in another state would cost? Use EZ Knock's industry leading market intelligence to answer these types of questions and more!


Allowing Buyers (clients) to shop the marketplace for the Seller (process server) that meets their price or qualification needs creates a competitive market.


EZ Knock offers extended support hours as well as our 24/7 extensive Help Center content.

Automated Integration

EZ Knock offers a robust package of integration options for those Buyers looking to automate the transmission of data between your system and ours.

Referral Opportunities

Simply share your personalized URL (PURL) with potential Buyers and Sellers to the marketplace and earn some extra cash!